The Darkness That Comes Before (Prince of Nothing)

The Darkness That Comes Before - R. Scott Bakker While I think this book sets the stage for an interesting series I had a lot of problems really getting into the book itself. Bakker seems to be reluctant to build any real depth to his characters. Because of the general shallowness of the primary characters I have had trouble caring what happens to any of them.For example, the character Kellhus - the first one we meet, is introduced in a very detached way and even though we get to see things from his perspective at times I just don't care if he lives or dies. There have been a few glimpses of what he is capable of martially and, because of that, I am anxious to see him in later battle sequences but, if he dies off in one, I don't really think I'll care.It doesn't get any better with the rest of the characters. Each goes through some pretty substantial emotional trials but not once am I left caring how they make it through them. There was never any connection between me and them.Even with all that though I'd still read the next book in the trilogy just to see what happens with the story line because the world itself is interesting and, perhaps, is the only character I am curious about at this point.